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Stock shortages of veterinary medicinal products

A stock shortage is defined as the impossibility for a person entitled to obtain a veterinary medicinal product on the national market. A stock shortage is assessed as critical when it is likely to induce a risk to human health, animal health and welfare. Potential disruptions that may be critical must be reported to Anses by the licensees or their representative for marketing the product as far upstream as possible prior to their occurrence, in order to study potential alternatives.

Good practices for managing stock shortage of a veterinary medicinal product were established in 2018 by the various actors in the veterinary medicinal product chain. Updated in 2024, these good practices set out the actions to be taken by each of the players on the veterinary medicinal product market and the arrangements for exchanging information in the event of a stock shortage of a veterinary medicinal product.

Good practices for managing stock shortage in veterinary medicinal supplies (PDF)

Critical stock shortages should be reported as a matter of priority by the operating laboratories to Anses-ANMV and as early as possible before they occur, in order to study potential alternatives. In order to be able to ensure up-to-date information, it is essential that the holders or their representatives update as necessary the information provided during the declaration, in particular during the postponement of planned replenishments and also to systematically confirm returns to the market as soon as they become effective.

To declare a stock shortage

The list of veterinary medicinal products affected by ongoing stock shortage and considered critical can  be found here.

The history of closed critical stocks shortages communicated on the website can be found here (PDF).