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Monitoring Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products

Within Anses, the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products (ANMV) is responsible for issuing marketing authorisations for veterinary medicinal products. 

In order to carry out its missions as part of an overall vision of the issues arising from them, the ANMV must be able to take into account: 

  • information on reported adverse effects and difficulties in use for practitioners or animal owners; 
  • information on therapeutic gaps preventing good health management and animal protection; 
  • information to assess the relevance of a protective measure; 
  • information on the impact of a management measure in practice (both health and economic impact). 

To this end, a Monitoring Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products (CSMV) has been set up with the task of issuing recommendations to the Director of the ANMV. It is composed of personalities with knowledge and experience of the practices and conditions of use of authorised veterinary medicinal products. 

Role and Missions of the CSMV

The Monitoring Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products shall provide information and shall be consulted on: 

  1. optimisation of the pharmacovigilance system in particular in relation to the promotion, collection and sharing of signals detected in this context; 
  2. the safety of use of products in relation to human and animal health and the risk to the environment; 
  3. the conditions for the applicability of risk management measures for marketing authorisations; 
  4. problems with the availability of veterinary medicinal products; 
  5. contributing to the identification of priority topics in terms of expertise to be conducted or studies to be carried out relating to veterinary medicinal products; 
  6. identification of priority subjects concerning the control and surveillance of veterinary medicinal products (formulation, production, quality defects, advertising, packaging, etc.). 

The Monitoring Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products shall meet 4 times/year. 

Mandate 2019-2024

(update on July 1st, 2023)

President: Yves Millemann


  • Ms. Bastien (Jacqueline)
  • Mr. Berny (Philippe)
  • Ms Boullier (Séverine)
  • Ms. Ferran (Aude)
  • Mr. Grisot (Lionel)
  • Mr. Hugnet (Christophe)
  • Mr Kohlhauer (Matthias)
  • Mr. Maytie (Brice)
  • Mr. Salandre (Olivier)
  • Mr. Sauzea (Xavier)