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Use of antibiotics on the farm

The GVET approach, management of veterinary treatments in pig farming set up by Ifip and Anses responds to two complementary issues in breeding: digitise the treatment register and ensure a standardised and official measurement of antibiotic uses. GVET Project 

A professional network, called RefA²vi, has been set up to produce references on the use of antibiotics in poultry farming. The first annual references were published in 2019 for turkeys and broilers, following the use of data by a working group composed of representatives of ITAVI, Anses and the Anvol inter-profession. RefA²vi network 

An observatory on the use of antibiotics in beef calves was set up in 2016 by the IDELE (Institut de l’Elevage) at the request of the Inter-profession INTERBEV Veaux. The observatory is based on active collaboration between breeders, integrative firms, producer groups and veterinarians. The data are analysed by Anses-ANMV and each veterinarian and each farmer receive their own results by IDELE.