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World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH)

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The WOAH, established in 1924, is the intergovernmental organisation responsible for improving animal health worldwide. The standards established by the Organisation are recognised as global benchmarks by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) under the SPS (Health and Phytosanitary) Agreement. In 2021, the WOAH has 182 member countries.

Anses-ANMV is Collaborating Centre for veterinary medicinal products

The WOAH Collaborating Centres are centres of expertise designated for a particular area of competence in the management of general animal health issues (“speciality”). Their purpose is to provide scientific expertise and support to the WOAH and its Members and to promote international collaboration in the field of animal health and welfare The Anses-ANMV has been a collaborating centre for veterinary drugs since 1992.

For example, Anses-ANMV as a WOAH Collaborating Centre, carries out actions in the following areas:

  • assistance in the development of procedures for harmonising regulations on animal diseases and international standards;
  • training activities through active participation in seminars of WOAH focal points for veterinary products; 
  • support for the organisation of scientific meetings for the WOAH;
  • scientific expertise and participation in working groups such as antibiotic resistance and pest resistance;
  • participation in the WOAH twinning process;
  • representation of the WOAH in particular at meetings of the VICH Steering Committee and the CCRVDF.