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Monitoring of antibiotic deliveries by manufacturers and distributors of medicated feed in France

A better assessment of the animal exposure to antibiotics has been made possible by the act on the future of agriculture, food and forestry (Articles L. 5141-14-1 and R. 5141-148 to R. 5141-151 of the Public Health Code). According to the decree No 2016-1788 of 19 December 2016 on the report of amounts of antimicrobials delivered in veterinary medicine, manufacturers and distributors of medicated feedingstuffs should provide quarterly declarations to Anses-ANMV. 


Reporting modalities were discussed between Anses-ANMV and representatives of the manufacturers/distributors of medicated feed. 


Manufacturers/distributors of medicated feed have mobilised to report antibiotic deliveries as early as 2018 and this data collection allows an important step forward in the better knowledge of the use of medicated feed.  


Available reports: