Register of opinions on macro-organisms

Macro-organisms are bio-control agents (insects, mites, nematodes or other invertebrates) used to protect plants by the use of mechanisms and interactions that govern relationships between species (combating an insect pest by introducing parasitoid insects, for example). The introduction of non-native species of macro-organisms (i.e. not endemic to France) may nevertheless present risks for the environment (by the introduction of invasive species, for example). In 2012, the authorities established a procedure for applying for and issuing authorisations for the entry into France and introduction into the environment of non-native macro-organisms beneficial to plants. This procedure takes into account a national assessment of the potential risk to plant health and the environment (related to biodiversity) as well as the effectiveness and benefits of the use of the macro-organism. This assessment mission was entrusted to ANSES.

List of ANSES Opinions on macro-organisms (in French)