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Quarantine unit (Clermont-Ferrand site) of the Plant Health Laboratory

Head of Unit: Jean-Emmanuel Gerbault

Deputy Head of Unit: Jean-Philippe Renvoisé

6 rue Aimé Rudel - Marmilhat - 63370 LEMPDES

Email: Clermont.lsv@anses.fr

The Quarantine unit is located on the Clermont-Ferrand site. In addition to participating in all of the Plant Health Laboratory's activities, it is responsible for post-entry plant quarantine in France.

In fact, the Clermont-Ferrand site hosts the post-entry plant quarantine station, which enables plants banned in Europe to be introduced into France. Post-entry plant quarantine covers plants intended for scientific research or the creation of cultivars, primarily for fruit trees (including citrus), vines and potatoes.

The unit has modern NS2- and NS3-level containment facilities. It is therefore able to safely perform a wide array of studies and analyses of plant material introduced into the EU by waiver of the general European plant health regulations. Plants are stored until proof of compliance with EU requirements is obtained.

Reference activities

The unit is also the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for plum pox virus (PPV) and for all regulated citrus and potato viruses requiring quarantine.

Expert appraisal activities

The Quarantine unit carries out expert appraisals in its fields of competence: quarantine pests covered by its reference mandates, quarantine schemes, containment for plant health, and pest detection methods developed as part of its missions. 

Research activities

The unit is involved in national and international research projects that benefit from its containment facilities and expertise.