Vigilance for natural toxins

Thematic Working Group

The Working Group on "Vigilance for natural toxins" does not report to any specific Expert Group (CES) but can call on a given CES depending on the topic being addressed.

The working group's mission is to contribute to studies in support of toxicovigilance in the area of natural toxins, reports on programmed surveillance of human poisoning cases, and the drafting of data sheets for the public on the plants that will be included in the ministerial order on the labelling of plants on the market posing a toxic risk to human health, as well as to make recommendations to reduce the risks associated with exposure to natural toxins or to macro-biological agents containing them.

Mandate: 2022–2026

Chair: Luc DE HARO

Vice-Chair: Gaël LE ROUX  


  • Eric ABADIE                       
  • David BOELS                                     
  • Nicolas DELCOURT                         
  • Jérôme GUITTON           
  • Magali LABADIE              
  • Jérôme LANGRAND                                      
  • Adrien MAILLOT                                             
  • Sylvie MICHEL                  
  • Nathalie PARET

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