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VetAgro Sup and ANSES sign a partnership agreement

On 2 March 2023, VetAgro Sup and ANSES signed a framework partnership agreement at the Paris International Agricultural Show. This partnership, which is formalising the long-standing collaboration between the two organisations, aims in particular to develop holistic approaches to study animal health issues, in line with the One Health concept.

Signature du partenariat Anses-VetAgro Sup


The activities of both ANSES and VetAgro Sup are at the interface between animal, human and environmental health, as part of a One Health approach. Given the complementary nature of their work, the two organisations have decided to formalise a partnership that was initiated several years ago, particularly at the local level in Lyon.

In addition to their multiple collaborative research projects and joint supervision of PhD students, ANSES and VetAgro Sup are co-supervisors of a joint research unit on animal mycoplasmoses. They are also founding members, along with INRAE, of the SAARA network dedicated to animal health and welfare research in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Furthermore, they work as partners in the Veterinary Public Health Hub in Lyon.

A partnership focusing on research, training and surveillance

The partnership agreement, signed by Benoît Vallet, Director General of ANSES, and Mireille Bossy, Director General of VetAgro Sup, at the Paris International Agricultural Show plans to strengthen their collaborative work in the following areas over the next five years:

  • implementation of scientific studies and research work, including through the joint supervision of PhD students,
  • promotion of closer ties between scientific teams, if necessary by creating new joint research units or contracted units,
  • pooling of equipment and biological materials, 
  • monitoring of adverse events caused by veterinary medicinal products or plant protection products,
  • joint organisation of training,
  • organisation of scientific events.