Substances and plant protection products, biocontrol

Expert Committee 

Within the regulatory and methodological framework set by European and national regulations, ANSES assesses the hazards and risks to humans, animals or the environment – as well as the effectiveness – of plant protection active substances prior to their approval (granted at European level). It does the same for plant protection products containing these active substances, with a view to their authorisation. These assessments pay particular attention to national characteristics regarding biocontrol solutions.

The CES on "Plant protection substances and products, biocontrol" assists ANSES in this task, and in the investigation of formal requests in this field.

2019-2022 Mandate

Chairman: Jean-Ulrich MULLOT

Vice-chairman: Christian GAUVRIT


  • Marc BARDIN
  • Enrique BARRIUSO
  • Philippe BERNY
  • Marie-France CORIO-COSTET
  • Jean-Pierre CUGIER
  • Marc GALLIEN
  • Guillermina HERNANDEZ RAQUET
  • François LAURENT
  • Laure MAMY
  • Patrick SAINDRENAN
  • Jeanne STADLER

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