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Sophie Lardy-Fontan appointed Director of the Laboratory for Hydrology

On 17 October, Sophie Lardy-Fontan was appointed Director of ANSES's Laboratory for Hydrology. A trained researcher, she is now responsible for coordinating all of the laboratory's scientific work aimed at improving the safety of water.

Sophie Lardy-Fontan took over as Director of ANSES's Laboratory for Hydrology in Nancy on 17 October. Previously, she had worked for the National Metrology and Testing Laboratory in Paris since 2008. Specialising in metrology and analytical chemistry applied to water and the environment, she has overseen a wide range of research activities throughout her career to guarantee data quality in these fields.

Having authored more than 20 referenced scientific publications, Sophie Lardy-Fontan has key skills in the management of metrological benchmarks, with a focus on traceability, method validation, and uncertainty. Moreover, her background has provided her with solid experience in risk assessment and support for public policies in this area. With all these essential assets, she is ideally positioned to run the National Reference Laboratory for water quality. 

As Laboratory Director, Sophie Lardy-Fontan is now responsible for coordinating all of the laboratory’s tasks: producing reliable data and knowledge, carrying out research to better characterise contaminants and pathogens in water, leading networks of laboratories approved to perform official analyses, and providing the health authorities with scientific and technical support.

According to Sophie Lardy-Fontan, “Water is a vulnerable common good at the heart of public policies and concerns. Since the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, water has also taken on a new dimension as it is now recognised as a tool for epidemiological surveillance. With all of my colleagues, I will be committed to carrying out independent and high-quality reference, support and expert assessment work to guarantee the safety of water and the robustness of monitoring and surveillance data, to meet the expectations of the public authorities and more broadly those of civil society. I intend to consolidate the laboratory’s position and secure national and European recognition of ANSES as a key scientific player to address current and emerging risks and challenges relating to the quality of water and environments”.

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Sophie Lardy-Fontan received a PhD in analytical and environmental chemistry in 2008. She wrote a thesis on emerging substances in French aquatic ecosystems at the University of Bordeaux.

Then in 2008, she joined the National Metrology and Testing Laboratory in Paris to carry out post-doctoral research before becoming a member of the Department for Scientific and Industrial Metrology. She undertook research in metrology applied to water quality, led research teams and networks, and coordinated scientific expert appraisals at the interface between health and the environment. She was also heavily involved in supporting public policies, in particular through AQUAREF, the National Reference Laboratory for the monitoring of aquatic environments.