05/07/2021 1 min

Review of the event "Microplastics and nanomaterials: research on environment and health"

Nearly 1000 people attended our scientific conference on the impact of microplastics and nanomaterials, organised jointly with the French National Research Agency (ANR) on 20 May. All the day's sessions are available for replay.

Microplastics and nanomaterials have some advantages, but the resulting particulate contamination can have negative consequences for human health and ecosystems. Scientists, environmental associations, professional organisations and public policy-makers all took part in our 100% digital scientific conference organised with the ANR.

A number of recent research projects funded by our Agency and the ANR were presented, including on the sources of exposure to particles, their presence in the environment and their consequences for ecosystems and human health.

The French Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST) also shared the findings of its report "Plastic pollution: a ticking time bomb?".
The event wrapped up with a round table with a panel of experts on the theme "Micro/nano: from futility to utility".

See the replays of the sessions (in French), as well as the programme and the speakers' presentations (in French).

Read Cahiers de la Recherche no. 17: Microplastiques et nanomatériaux - Comprendre où en est la recherche (PDF) (in French).