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International Symposium about the credibility of scientific expertise and public decision-making

Credibility of scientific expertise and public decision-making

In the late 1990s, a series of crises led the European Union and some of its Member States to reform the organisation of scientific expertise contributing to the governance of health risks.

Despite these reforms, the health authorities sometimes see their opinions challenged in various arenas (societal, media, scientific, political) and have to deal with the greater complexity of the issues to be addressed in a globalised world – management of the current pandemic provides new examples of this.

Bringing together mainly social science researchers from Europe and North America, the international symposium on "Credibility of scientific expertise and public decision-making" seeks to consider two central questions: What determines whether or not scientific expertise is credible? What factors contribute to the credibility of the knowledge and information mobilised for public decision-making?

Due to the health context, the symposium initially planned for July 2020 will now take place in early 2021 as a virtual event.

Registration will open by mid-December, when the detailed programme will be available.

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