Collection of use data

According to the decree No 2016-1788 of 19 December 2016 on the report of amounts of antimicrobials delivered in veterinary medicine, veterinarians and pharmacists should provide monthly declarations to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The CALYPSO project initiated in 2017 will allow the establishment of an effective system for collecting data on deliveries of antibiotics. The CALYPSO project is a wide-ranging project covering all exchanges of data between veterinary practitioners and the administration, and the system for reporting the amounts of antimicrobials delivered is considered a priority and is expected to be developed in the near future. 

Calypso will be a computer system for managing, reporting and consulting data for veterinarians, pharmacists. It is also foreseen that manufacturers and distributors of medicated feeds submit their declarations directly under Calypso rather than directly to Anses-ANMV. All data on antibiotic use in veterinary medicine will therefore be collected via Calypso.  

In the long run, the analysis of these exhaustive data will be complementary to that of the sales data currently reported by the MA holders because much more detailed.