18/05/2022 2 min

Bérénice Renard appointed as ANSES's Ethics Officer

Bérénice Renard, recently appointed as ANSES's Director of Legal Affairs, has been appointed as Ethics Officer by decision of the Director General, Roger Genet. She took on this role on 9 May for a three-year period.

The mission of ANSES's Ethics Officer is to ensure compliance with the Agency's obligations to prevent conflicts of interest and strengthen its ethical framework, in accordance with the provisions of the French Act of 26 January 2016 on the modernisation of the health system.

As such, she ensures that all measures are taken to obtain public declarations of interest, and that the decisions resulting from the analysis of declared personal interests are taken into account. She also verifies that measures are applied to prevent or bring to an end any situation of conflict of interest.

The Ethics Officer is also responsible for advising the Agency's General Directorate as to the organisational measures necessary for the fulfilment of these obligations and for ensuring that these measures are constantly updated. To fulfil this role, she calls on all the Agency's departments for support and takes into account the opinions and recommendations of ANSES's Committee for Ethical Standards and Prevention of Conflicts of Interest.

As Director of Legal Affairs, Bérénice Renard is succeeding Manuelle Vertot as ANSES's Ethics Officer. A trained lawyer, she was previously a project officer and project manager for the Deputy Director of Social Security Financing in the Social Security Directorate, as part of the French Ministries of Social Affairs and the Economy, Finance and Recovery.

With her extensive experience in project management, network coordination and administration, Bérénice Renard is committed to upholding and further strengthening ANSES's ethical framework, to guarantee the transparency and independence of the Agency's scientific expertise.

Bérenice Renard
Bérénice Renard

The reference scientific expertise that constitutes ANSES's DNA is inseparable from the growing challenges of the law applicable to threats to health and the environment. These essential scientific decisions should be rooted in a clear ethical framework, committed to integrity, which I will endeavour to preserve and nurture.

Bérénice Renard