Assessment of the risks related to biocidal substances and products

Expert Committee

Within the regulatory and methodological framework set by European and national regulations applying to biocides, ANSES assesses the hazards and risks to humans, animals or the environment – as well as the effectiveness – of biocidal active substances prior to their approval (granted at European level). It does the same for biocidal products containing these active substances, with a view to their authorisation.

The CES on "Assessment of the risks related to biocidal substances and products" assists ANSES in this task, and in the investigation of formal requests in this field.

2019-2022 Mandate

Chairman: Georges DE SOUSA

Vice-chairman: Jean-Christophe CAHUZAC


  • Olivier ADAM
  • Alain AYMARD
  • James DEVILLERS (until 19 January 2023)
  • Pierre GREVE
  • Philippe HARTEMANN
  • Claire HELLIO
  • Dominique PESSEL
  • Vincent RICHARD
  • Christophe SOUMET

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