Assessment of guides to good hygiene practice (GGHP) and of application of HACCP principles

Thematic Working Group

The Working Group (WG) on "Guides to good hygiene practice and application of HACCP principles" regularly reports on its findings and the progress of its work to the Expert Committees (CESs) on "Assessment of the biological risks in foods" and "Assessment of the physical and chemical risks in foods".

The mandate of this Working Group is to analyse the hazards (biological, physical, chemical and allergenic) defined in good practice guides (GGHP) provided by the authorities, and where appropriate, to analyse specific issues regarding the control of these hazards, when requested by the authorities and through any formal requests or questions regarding its areas of expertise.

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2022-2026 Mandate

Chair: Michel FEDERIGHI

Vice-Chair: Marianne SINDIC


  • Corine BAYOURTHE
  • Aurélie BIGOT-CLIVOT
  • Mickaël BONI
  • Gilles BORNERT
  • Olivier BOUTOU
  • Aurélie CHESNAY
  • Georges DAUBE
  • Alain GONTHIER
  • Sandra HELINCK
  • Maryline KOUBA
  • Laïla LAKHAL
  • Sylvie MIALET
  • Jonathan MOTILLON
  • Hervé PREVOST
  • Fanny RENOIS
  • François ZUBER

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