ANSES at the 2022 Paris International Agricultural Show

Food is one of the pillars of our health. And yet an imbalanced diet or contaminated food can expose us to immediate risks and chronic diseases. As France's leading health agency on this topic, ANSES looks forward to seeing you at the 2022 Paris International Agricultural Show, at its stand dedicated to safe and healthy food. You will have the opportunity to discover how ANSES’s researchers and scientific experts work to protect us from risks ‘from farm to fork’, and help us adopt good daily hygiene and nutrition practices.

Science for safe and healthy food

By exposing us to bacteria, viruses, parasites and harmful substances, our diet can sometimes make us sick. A diet that is imbalanced or not suited to our lifestyle also poses risks in the short and medium term.
What are these risks? How are they changing with production and preparation practices, and with our expectations as consumers and citizens? How can we prevent and protect ourselves from accidental contamination throughout the food chain? What are the keys to balanced nutrition? These are just some of the questions that ANSES will answer at its stand this year.

Food is a good example of the extent of ANSES’s work as an agency that provides scientific expertise at all stages of the food chain, from the production of foods of animal or plant origin to the consumer's plate. Its scope encompasses the scientific assessment of health risks and nutritional quality, the health of farm animals, vigilance and support for public decision-makers in the event of a health crisis, the production of guidelines for the public authorities’ nutritional recommendations, and useful studies and observatories for food professionals.

With its 360° view of issues relating to health and nutrition, ANSES is actively involved in addressing the latest societal concerns, and carries out work on microplastics, endocrine disruptors, food supplements, nanomaterials in food, and the welfare of farm animals.

During this period, which marks the French Presidency of the EU Council, ANSES will also be available to the public – families, professionals, elected officials, etc. – to present its work beyond the country's borders and as a key player for health expertise, research and surveillance.

Come visit us from 26 February to 6 March 2022. Our stand is tailored to the current health crisis, and you will discover the following activities:

  • use the PCR technique to conduct an investigation to identify the bacterium responsible for a food poisoning outbreak at a birthday party;
  • learn more about the bacteria and contaminants that can sometimes hide in our food and how to buy, store and prepare foods in order to prevent them;
  • discover how ANSES's scientists work to address food concerns on a daily basis.

An exhibition with eight themes illustrating how the Agency contributes every day to ensuring safer and healthier food, and the well-being of all.