Agent tous risques
24/02/2023 1 min

"Agent tous risques": step into the shoes of an ANSES scientist

A virus in animals, a pandemic in our midst?  Detecting pathogens circulating among animals and preventing them from spreading is the daily mission of ANSES scientists.  With this online game, the Agency brings you a fun way to discover how its "Agents tous risques" handle a new disease.


Animal health – it’s our health too!

You are confronted with an unknown animal disease and must discover its origin and prevent its spread... With our serious game "Agent tous risques", ANSES invites you to step into the shoes of a scientist.

DUNOYER Charlotte
Charlotte Dunoyer
Scientific Director of Animal Health, ANSES

With this game, we wanted the public to delve into the behind-the-scenes investigation work carried out by our researchers and experts during the emergence of an unknown disease. By experiencing this through a serious game, we wanted to remind people that health is a common good, and that it is by acting collectively that we can protect it

Charlotte Dunoyer
Scientific Director of Animal Health, ANSES

"Agent tous risques": the pitch

A mysterious disease is affecting cats... As a newly recruited scientist at ANSES, you are tasked with identifying the origin of the contamination. How are cats contaminated? Can the disease be transmitted to humans? What can be done to prevent the spread of the disease? You will have 15 minutes to answer all of these questions!

So you think you're a scientist?  To find out, click here to play (in French)!